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EasyPulse 5

It Helps Reduce Oxygen Costs ...With a conserving ratio of up to 5.7 to 1, theEasyPulse5 reduces the amount of deliveries, and related costs, tankspurchased, tanks used and refill costs. It Controls Minute Volume ...If the patient breathes faster, the minute volume iscontrolled to deliver only the prescribed amount of oxygen which allowsfor predictable cylinder duration. It's Reliable ...It is the only pneumatic oxygen conserver that uses astandard single lumen cannula and delivers a pulse wave form comparableto an electronic conserver. The lack of alarms and batteries preventsnuisance calls.  It's Compact and Lightweight ...The EasyPulse5 is only 4.75 inches lone and weighs amere 10.4 ounces making it the smallest and lightest conservingregulator available. It sets up just like a standard regulator and itssize and weight make a perfect ambulatory package. The plastic T-Handleis ergonomically correct for easy attachment to the cylinder by thepatient. It's Clinically Sound ...It delivers a front loaded tapered wave form and theentire bolus of oxygen is delivered in the first third of theinspiratory phase.

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